Whether you are married, divorced, or single, once your children are grown up and out of the house, there is a lot more “me” time. This blog is about enjoying the second half of  your life. I will take you on my journey, whether it is finding new places to eat, a new hiking trail, or a new  hobby, I want you along with me for this wonderful ride.

I remember the first day of school six years ago. It was 7:00 in the morning and as I was getting ready to start my day I could hear the elementary school bus backing up through my open bedroom window.  You see, while  my sons were in elementary school, their bus would pick them up right in front of my house. Even after my boys had moved on to middle school and  high school, that bus would signal its arrival by sounding its reverse beep. On this particular day though, my youngest had just left for college. I was officially an empty nester and the tears started to flow.

Kids have a way of preparing you for this moment. After all,  the teenage years are not the easiest. In my case though I had been quite lucky with my boys. They were both easy-going and for the most part did nothing too crazy. They prepared me for this moment because once they were well into their teenage years, they didn’t need me as much. So I was not crying  because my grown up sons were no longer living with me – in fact, both of them decided to stay in state for school so I could pretty much see them whenever I needed or they wanted. I was crying because the sound of that bus beep took me back to a time when my sons were little. I was missing a moment that was gone forever.

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