Enjoying my Sunday – Atlanta

Sunday morning I headed over to General Muir with one of my closest and dearest friends for a delicious breakfast. We decided to order  the three egg omelette and the Pecan crusted French toast and share it.  I am not a lover of anything too sweet so I probably ate less than half of the French toast.

Am I crazy? The bibb lettuce that came with the omelette was absolutely amazing. I don’t know if it had a very light dressing or if it was just a perfect piece of lettuce.


After breakfast I headed over to Treat Your Feet for a foot massage. I don’t like body massages because they always seem to hurt. Maybe I’m just too tense… but  I love to have my feet, hands, and head massaged. This is by far the best place to ease any tension on  your little piggies.


A little ice coffee at White Windmill after the foot massage.  This is a beautiful Korean coffee and pastry shop on Buford Hwy. I love their decor and the way they have all their pastries displayed. And though I did not have any on this particular day, they are  absolutely amazing.



From here I went to the Old Fourth Ward to meet up with some friends. They were having an artist festival.

Two of my favorite artist both of whom I had seen at a previous art festival a few weeks back:

J.C. Pino- He had given me a small print at the previous art festival because I helped him wrap up a huge painting.  IMG_0671

I love this artist. She uses sawdust to create these beautiful 3D images.IMG_0665

Old Fourth Ward parkIMG_0664

From here we headed on over to Ponce City Market to have a late lunch. This is a mixed- use development that opened just three years ago.  It use to be the Sears Roebuck Co.  The best part is that they have some great places to eat. IMG_0673

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